If you’ve got a problem with your security system, our team are on hand to assist 24/7. In the first instance, we’ll try to help you resolve the issue over the phone. Its helps us to help you if you can provide as much information as possible.

Help! I can’t set my intruder alarm

Problem: You’ve tried to set your alarm as normal (either by punching in your pass code or by swiping your fob) and the system’s not responding.

Help! I can’t set my intruder alarm

Problem: You’ve tried to set your alarm as normal (either by punching in your pass code or by swiping your fob) and the system is displaying a fault.

Most panels will indicate what the error is.

Check the error message:

If it mentions an open zone, it’s possible that a door or window linked into the system has been left open. Check all doors are securely closed, and try arming the system again.
If it mentions a specific device, double check the device hasn’t been knocked or damaged. If a tamper fault is indicated we may need to attend to rectify the issue.
Has the alarm been activated earlier in the day? If the alarm’s gone off, and two or more sensors on the system have been tripped, its likely that the system will need a remote reset code, which can be obtained from the monitoring station.

Solution: Resetting System

1. Try to enter you code or present the fob again to reset the system.

2. Once you entered your code or fob the system may generate a reset code. You will need to call Scutum Monitoring on 0844 335 6322 and quote the code displayed on the panel. The monitoring station will be able to give you a reset code to type in to reset the system.

If in doubt, give us a call.

Do I need to have my security system serviced?

Regular servicing of your security system is recommended to ensure the smooth running of the system, and to help prevent major faults occurring, just like you would for your car or your boiler.

How frequently does my security system need servicing?

Most security systems only need servicing once a year. There are certain systems, such as monitored intruder alarms or fire alarms at commercial premises, will need to be serviced twice a year to comply with industry regulations. For some systems, we are able to carry out the interim service remotely.

How will I know when my system needs servicing?

Generally speaking, the service will be due on the anniversary of installation or when we took over the preventative maintenance contract.
We’ll contact you a few weeks before the service visit is due to book a date.

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit and debit cards or alternatively you can pay by cheque or by BACS with the following details:

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Account number: 68510383
Please quote your customer number and invoice number as the reference

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