Home Maintenance

Did you know when errors on your security system are unresolved, the life expectancy of your system decreases and you’re more vulnerable to the system becoming ineffective.

Intruder Maintenance  

You may think that your system is fine because you do not use it that often, however, your alarm is constantly on 24/7.

Even when its not armed it is monitoring every circuit to ensure that nobody tampers with it. There is a battery in the control panel and a battery in the external sounder. 

Ever wondered why in a power cut lots of burglar alarms start sounding?

These are all the alarms that are either not serviced or not serviced correctly, the battery in the control panel has failed, but the one in the external sounder hasn’t.  

Servicing your intruder alarm actually saves money. 

You have heard the saying a stitch in time? Well by not having your alarm regularly serviced you may well find that your system is in need of more than just a few new batteries. One failed battery will put unnecessary load on the charging circuit eventually burning it out. This means that it will not be able to charge a new battery therefore the only resolution is to replace the panel. 

False alarms are often a result of faulty or outdated equipment. These false alarms will cost money as they waste valuable emergency service time and resources. 

If you have a digital system then regular updates to the software are required to prevent it from being hacked. 

Wakefield Security’s will make sure your system if running to full capacity during your annual Intruder alarm maintenance.

This includes: 

  • Check batteries and replace as necessary 
  • Measure the resistance of the device field wiring (alarm pair and tamper loop) 
  • Check tightness of all terminations
  • Check operation of all field devices, sounders, strobes and the panel functions 
  • Clean internal components 
  • Check operation of all tamper switches 
  • Check security of fixings 
  • Check for evidence of tampering 
  • Check power supply 

Fire Maintenance

In most cases it is a requirement that your fire alarm is serviced to BS5839. Our engineers ensure that your Fire alarm is compliant  

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