Security Smoke/Security Fog Commercial Alarms

From your home office, through to distribution warehouses. From retail clients protecting their stock to museums protecting our nation’s treasures. Security smoke protects them all. 

Starting in the early nineties, with its roots in  protecting commercial properties overnight, the product’s flexibility and success inevitably led it into other areas. We are now protecting both valuables and, more importantly, employees from the increasing threat of a daytime attack. 

How does it work?

In order for the smoke to be activated three things need to happen. 1. The alarm has to be armed. 2. A detector is activated. 3. There has to be a second detector activated, confirming that there is unauthorised activity in the secure area. 

Is the smoke dangerous?

No the smoke is made from a liquid called Glycol its fired through a heater which turns it into a sort of steam, this steam eventually evaporates completely (once the machine is disarmed) 

And so when you arm the alarm, if it goes off falsely or you accidently set it off on entry, it is unlikely you will set off the security smoke. If someone breaks in and triggers more than one detector in the secure area the room will be filled with smoke and they will not be able to steal anything, because they simply wont be able to see anything. 

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