Security Systems for Large Commercial Enterprises

Managing security across a large organisation can be a daunting prospect.

Multiple locations, movement of personnel and suppliers and keeping stakeholders happy, it is a complex operation ensuring everything runs smoothly.

We work with numerous organisations helping to simplify their security requirements, offering protection against more than just traditional crime. We offer a solution that integrates access control, CCTV surveillance including missing item detection, fire protection, intruder detection and monitoring applications.

These solutions can help protect your enterprise against:

  • Access control and movement of staff, suppliers and site visitors
  • Protection of employees and public
  • Evidence of activity

Intruder Alarms

Property crime can be extremely disruptive to your operations. Choosing the right intruder system ensures you have the most suitable protection against the right threats. With over 30 years’ experience we, Wakefield Security, will guide you to select the system to meet all your requirements.

Commercial CCTV

CCTV is fast becoming much more than a recording of what happened. Although looking to see who did what and when has always been the primary reason for CCTV, it is fast becoming a useful tool to identify and inform people when something is not right, From detecting vehicles driving the wrong way around your car park, informing you when something goes missing, or  someone is accessing equipment they shouldn’t. We have the solution and the knowledge you need.

Access control

Whether you work in a small office or a large facility, allowing free access to those authorised, and preventing it for those that don’t, can be a difficult balancing act. We offer everything from simple single door systems through to sophisticated solutions for thousands of people.


Effective fire detection protects property, saves lives, and helps you meet your fire safety responsibilities. Our fire alarm systems are tailored to your needs and they provide a reliable early detection of fire, that safeguards lives and avoids business disruption.

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