A professionally installed CCTV system from us provides even greater deterrent to would-be criminals. But it is more than just another level of home protection. It doesn’t just let you view your home from anywhere, it doesn’t just record incidents.

CCTV technology is constantly moving forward, a CCTV system can do much more than just record pictures and let you view them remotely. We at Wakefield’s have said goodbye to traditional CCTV as we know it. 

Informing You  

Most CCTV systems alert your smart-phone that there is someone on your property. Nothing new there I hear you say. Many of the cheaper camera systems advertised on TV do this, and you are absolutely right they do. But what they don’t tell you on those TV adverts is that these cameras work on motion and as such inform you every time that something moves on the picture. And so every time the wind blows and trees and plants move, every time next door’s cat walks past, every time it rains or snows, you get a notification. A professionally installed system from Wakefield will be set up to only inform you if an item of a specific size enters a specific area viewed on the picture.  

The CCTV below has been set up to inform the owner if a human size object enters the blue box below. On a windy day the customer is not sent hundreds of notifications because the trees and bushes are moving in the wind.  


There are so many CCTV installers around nowadays, this is because many of the systems you can buy off the shelf are plug and play and anyone with a basic knowledge can fit one. However, there is a difference between a professional and people that are competent. There is great importance in deciding the correct lens, the correct back light compensation setting, and many other settings that are renowned for ensuring that the camera does the job that it was intended for. There is much more to fitting a camera straight out of the box and pointing it in the right direction. 

Covert CCTV

A covert camera is a camera that is hidden or disguised in some way so that it is not identified by any would be criminal. 

Troublesome neighbours?  Someone keeps stealing your deliveries when you’re out? You suspect a carer of not caring? Or a cleaner of stealing?  

There is nothing worse than suspecting that something is going on, but not being able to prove it either way.  

Over the years we have seen and helped customers with all sorts of problems, sometimes we have even proved suspects innocent.  

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